Penis Traction Science: How it Works

Penis Traction Science

The Quick Extender Pro penis traction device will exert a positive force to the penis through 2 specially calibrated tension mechanisms. This is the clinically proven and 100% effective science of penis traction harnessed in the medically advanced and completely safe Quick Extender Pro penis traction device. As you wear the Quick Extender Pro your body will go through a process of controlled, safe and painless natural penis enlargement. The penis traction device will exert a calculated constant amount of tension to the penis at any given moment while wearing the device, even if moving around or sitting still. The unwavering tension applied by the Quick Extender Pro is what truly revolutionizes this system over others giving you the fastest results.

The Quick Extender Pro system will guide you through a 3 stage process for advanced, safe and painless penis enlargement:

Stage 1

The Quick Extender Pro penis traction device works by slowly adding positive tension to the penis shaft though our patented DSS support piece. In this initial stage, you will first configure your pre assembled Quick Extender Pro to your specific size. This will clearly and simply be explained through high resolution and detailed pictures to guide you through the process. Once you have configured your Quick Extender Pro to your individual size you will now start by wearing your penis traction device. The included guide will offer several programs to choose from. There will be options for men with a lot of free time to those who have busier schedules. You may choose from short term, long term, night time or daytime routines and you can also create your own specific routine if you would like. This is the first step in your penis enlargement journey, choosing a program.

Stage 2

This advanced system will gently stretch your penis forward which will painlessly create micro tears along the entire shaft of the penis. These tears will occur at the microscopic level so you will never feel any sensations other than a slight stretch. This process will occur throughout the entire program and is the basis of penile traction. The Quick Extender Pro is worn for only a few short hours a day. The stretch will occur only when wearing the device but increasing penis length and girth will only occur during your resting period. After a period of stretching, micro tears will have occurred throughout the penis shaft. By creating these gaps within the penile tissue, it will have forced the body to go through a biological principle of mitosis and cytokinesis, this process is known as the eukaryotic cell cycle. There are 5 stages in cellular division:

1. Prophase
2. Prometaphase
3. Metaphase
4. Early Anaphase
5. Teophase

At the end of this process the penis tissue cells would have completely divided, multiplied and the creation of new penis tissue will have occurred. The new cells and following penis tissue will begin the fill in the gaps from the micro tears which will create a longer and thicker penis. Because human cells do not divide and multiply in one direction, even though the penis traction device stretches the penis forward, the cells will expand outwards like a bubble. This will create penis tissue, completely normal and not scar tissue, which will add not only great length but penis girth as well.

Stage 3

Your penis will be growing at phenomenal rate within 2-3 months into the program. The tension of the penis traction system will be much higher but because you have been wearing it consistently, it will feel as if the tension was from day 1. You may have increased your time or kept it at simply 1-2 hours a day but this will depend on which routine you chose or your individual goals. You penis will now hang much longer when flaccid (soft), you will now have easier and harder erections due to improved blood circulation and you will find your erections to much larger, up to 40%!

The Quick Extender Pro penis traction device has successfully helped thousands of men worldwide. Men who suffered from micro penis, small penis syndrome, crooked or bent penis and peyronies disease have all found the Quick Extender Pro penile traction device to be their first choice among all others. With a proven track record, scientific backing, clinically proven and medical grade materials, the Quick Extender Pro is the world best penis traction system with an industry setting 98% success rate. Try yours today!


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