Penis Curvature

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It is estimated that fifteen to twenty percent of men are afflicted with some degree of penile curvature and an additional 1.4 million men suffer from Peyronie’s disease. Whether a curved penis is due to penile curvature or Peyronie's disease, the negative impact on sexual activity can be problematic for both the man and his partner. Men are often left feeling sexually unsatisfied due to penetration difficulties, which can cause pain and discomfort for both the man and woman. The woman can also be affected if the penis does not penetrate properly into the vagina. Without proper penetration, the penis is unable to touch the woman’s G-spot where sexual arousal is stimulated to produce a climax. When left untreated, these conditions can lead to serious relationship problems as well as cause erectile dysfunction. Although both penis curvature and Peyronie’s disease cause the penis to curve and can result in serious sexual difficulties, they are significantly different in their origins.

Penis Curvature

Curvature of the penis is a common condition that can be congenital or acquired. Many male infants are born with a congenital curvature of the penis although sometimes the curvature is mild and only presents an aesthetic problem. For others the curvature can be severe enough to impede normal sexual activity to the degree that intercourse is painful, difficult or impossible. Trauma can also cause a curved penis. This can occur from having a sex-related accident that causes internal ruptures inside the penis. When this occurs, the side that is damaged may stop growing properly while the undamaged side grows properly. This results in the penis being curved. The penis can also become curved if directly impacted by trauma that causes permanent damage. Curvatures can occur anywhere along the shaft of the penis and can curve in any direction. When males are born with this condition, oftentimes the penis will curve downwards due to abnormal tissue growth located on the bottom surface of the penis or curve to one side caused by unequal lengths of the erectile parts of the penis.

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